Creating a New Report on Mobile

Updated at April 12th, 2023

One of the advantages of EarthRanger Mobile is the possibility to make reports as you are using the application on the field. 

There are two possible ways to create a new Report on EarthRanger Mobile. 

On the Map 

When located in the area that the report happened, you will be able to long press the map in order to create a new report. 

It is important to know that Tracking must be on. 


Long press the map on your screen and a view of the report categories will appear, select the category and report type that you are creating. 

The view for the Report information will then appear and you will be able to add all the relevant information for the needed report. 

The location will be automatically set to the location of your device. 

Once completed Report, send it by taping the Submit button on the top right of the app bar. 

This Report will go to Pending Sync. 


Report Dashboard 

Another way to create a new Report is through the Report dashboard located on the bottom bar. 

In this dashboard you will see the saved reports, the reports that are pending to sync, and the status of the reports of this session. 

To open a New Report tap on the New Report icon located at the bottom. 

The view with the Event Categories and Event Types will display. 

You will then be able to add the information of your report and submit it with the submit button on the app bar. 

If the Report was created through the Report dashboard it will sync automatically. 


Pending Sync 

When creating a Report sometimes they can fall into the pending sync category, meaning that this needs to be manually synced. You can tap Pending Sync to view more details about your reports that are in this mode. 

You will be able to see which part of the report is uploaded and which parts of the report have not be uploaded (images, notes, attachments).  The 2 main reasons why reports could fall into Pending Sync are:  

  1. No Internet Connection - This will be resolved once going back online. 
  2. Server Upload Error - First you will have to confirm if the site server is operational. e.g. accepting requests of a similar type from other clientes, if they confirm the server is healthy and receiving uploads from other clients, you contact support and send the logs to resolve the issue. 

In order to upload the Pending Sync reports there are three ways to manually sync with the EarthRanger servers. 

Reports Dashboard  - When entering the Reports dashboard view automatically the system syncs any pending reports. 

Sync button - In the Reports dashboard you will find a Sync button on the top right of the app bar. By taping this, you will be able to manually sync any information that is pending. 

Status dashboard - Another way to manually sync information in EarthRanger Mobile is to access the Status in the Menu on the bottom bar of the app. And while being in this view, swipe the screen down.