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Updated at March 10th, 2023

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When selecting the Menu bottom navigation button, you will be able to see the Status, Settings, and About tabs. 


Here you will be able to see the status of your tracking points between your device and

EarthRanger server.

Last Sync: The Status view displays the date and time of your last sync betweenEarthRanger mobile and EarthRanger server.

Pending Sync: Displays the number of tracked location points cached on the device waiting to be sent to EarthRanger server. These will be sent the next time a data connection is available.

The pending sync tracking points will be uploaded in batch when internet connection becomes available, so large jumps when decreasing are normal. 


The Settings view allows you to edit the con-figuration you entered when setting up the device. 

The information displayed on this page, should match with the information provided at log in.



EarthRanger Site: Name of the EarthRanger site you are currently logged in. 

User: This is the username of the EarthRanger account to be recorded under in the EarthRanger system. 

Device Name: This will be used to create the subject name under which the tracking points will be recorded in the EarthRanger system. Clicking on the device name will display the device name view where you will be able to edit it and is limited to 50 characters. Important: Every time a unique device name is created, a new subject is created too. 

Merge Report Categories: By enabling this option, the Report categories will merge so you will able to see all the report types from every category. 

Log Out: Tapping on Log Out will log you out of the app. If there are no pending syncs, you will receive and alert announcing that you will need a connection in order to log in after logging out. If there are pending syncs, you will get notified that the data will be lost.


The About view provides information of the software and links to the Privacy Policy and the End User License Agreement.

You can also Report an issue from this page.