Report Area as Location

This report covers the implications of location on businesses and consumers in the area.

Updated at January 30th, 2024

Report Areas as location




If the Report type is set as a “Polygon” in Geometry Type, you will be able to record an

area as part of the location of the Report instead of a coordinate.

You can create a single closed polygon which requires 3 or more points where the first and last point of the shape meet. 

Start by clicking on the desired location on the map to add the first point. After that, you can start adding more points to create the area. 


You will get updated information on the perimeter and area as you start building your Report Area. For a shape to be considered a correct shape you will need to have at least 3 points. If the shape intersects or it is not closed it will count as an invalid shape and you will not be able to save it. 


To close the area, press “enter” or “return” on your keyboard. You can also click directly on the first point of your area. 

Once finished, you must click “save” to finish adding the area to your Report.  


Note: only closed areas without intersecting segments can be saved. 



You will be sent back to the Report Details page and the Report Area information will appear in the location field. 


When the information of the Report is complete, click Save and the New Report will be saved with the Report Area attached. 


You can  download all of this information regarding Report Areas here: 


Adding Report Areas to a New Report