Event Areas - Mobile

How Report Areas work on EarthRanger Mobile

Updated at March 8th, 2024

When an Event type is set as a Polygon as the Geometry Type, you will be able to record an area as part of the location of the Event instead of a coordinate.


A Event with areas enabled is capable of representing geographic areas as its location, rather than a single point Event types can only collect one type of geometry, points or area.

When tapping on the Record Event Area, a new view called Record Event Area will display with the map and zoomed into the device current location. 


Before you start recording your area, instructions will appear to let you know how the polygons work and what is allowed.


To start recording an area, tap on “Start Recording” button, it will generate the first set of coordinates to begin the area recording.

By tapping “Start Recording” the first point will be automatically added. Move the device around the area to be recorded.

When you start recording, 2 new buttons will display on the map “Add Point” and “Close Area”. The “Close Area” button will remain disabled until 3 sets of coordinates are recorded using the “Add Point” button.

A new point will be generated each time “Add Point” is tapped. The app will join these points with a line. When “Close Area” is selected the shape will close automatically and no option to edit the shape will display.

When the Close button is tapped from the app bar prior to closing the area shape, the area recorded will be lost and user will return to the new Event page.

When ready, tap on the Submit button, on the app bar, and the reported area will appear as a static shape and the perimeter and area are going to be calculated below. 


EarthRanger mobile allows for creating any valid polygon as an area shape. Editing the shape can only be done with EarthRanger web where it adds an additional validation that the polygon shape doesn't have any intersections. If you submit an intersecting polygon through mobile and want to edit the shape you will have to remove the intersections to save on web



Once you finish the details of the Event and the Event Area, you can submit the New Event with the Submit button on the app bar.

 EarthRanger version 2.2.4