Analysis Tools

Updated at March 28th, 2023


Tracks are generated paths to record the history of where and when a device was at a different location. They can be represented on the map by a line following the tracked subjects and different tracking points

Seeing the path an animal took or the route a ranger took is hugely helpful in analysis of the landscape and how to protect it. 


Time Slider 

You can use the Time Slider to view the contents of the Map over a period of time. It appears as an option in the Map Tools. For example, by moving the time slider, you can view the movement of tracked animals over the selected time. 


Setting the Time Slider Date Range 

The selection of the Time Slider will display a slider on the bottom of the Map. The Time Slider is composed of a Start Date, the track where you will be able to move on, the Time Indicator that will indicate the date you are visualizing, and the End Date. 

You can select any dates to visualize by clicking on the Start Date and the End Date to set a time period. You can now move your Time Indicator to see the different developments around Reports and Subjects on the Map.