Data Output

Updated at March 28th, 2023

Exporting Reports 

When you select Export Field Reports from the Menu, the Reports that are currently available in the Reports Feed are exported as a CSV file. 


  • If you have filtered the Reports Feed, only the filtered results are exported. For example, you might filter to show only resolved Reports, or only Reports that have the word “fire” in the title. In either case, only Reports that fit those criteria are visible in the feed and exported as the CSV file. 
  • To export all Reports, ensure that each of the settings at the top of the Reports Feed are set to their most permissive settings, for example, no active search of specific words, Active/Resolved/All dropdown set to All, Types set to All, and no Date Range restrictions. 

Data in CSV format is easy to import into other programs for processing or analysis, but the easiest way to view it without additional processing is in a spreadsheet program (such as Microsoft Excel) that can display CSV data in rows and columns. 


Exporting a Master KML File 

You can export geographic data from EarthRanger in keystone markup language (KML) that is compressed into a KMZ file by selecting Export Master KML from the Menu.