Patrols on EarthRanger Mobile

Learn how Mobile patrols can help increase effectiveness and efficiency of wildlife monitoring and enforcement actions.

Updated at May 16th, 2024

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Patrols are a temporal segmentation, it documents a subject and events during a certain period of time.

Some examples of what a Patrol could be: 

  • Documenting animal behavior
  • Documenting investigations
  • Tracking game drives 
  • Planning and documenting work for the operations team 
  • Canine training

You can now track Patrols in your EarthRanger Mobile app and it will be synced up to your EarthRanger site server in real time when the mobile app has internet connectivity.  


In order to start a Patrol you have to make sure that you have the required permissions. 

Mobile User Permissions 




How to start a new Patrol 

To start a patrol you tap the Patrol button on the Track Location MapView.  This will initiate the start patrol workflow in the app by prompting you with the selection of the type of Patrol.  


A screen with the Patrol details will appear, at this stage you have a one time opportunity edit the title of your Patrol. To start the Patrol you will have to tap on Start Patrol button.


Once the Patrol is started, you will be able to see the Map Views bottom sheet minimized with the Patrol Title and End button to end the patrol. 



The bottom sheet supports slide gesture to expand and display the full Patrol details. 



The expanded bottom sheet will display with the Name of the Patrol, the date when started, the Patrol ID, Coordinates of the location started, status of the Patrol and the ability to end the Patrol with a button. 


While a Patrol is active you cannot end Tracking until you end the patrol. 


All data is stored locally on the device when the app is offline and not able to upload Patrol data to an EarthRanger site. 



Events and Tracks will continue to upload whenever it is possible. And those Events and tracks will automatically be associated with the Patrol when the Patrol is uploaded. 


Patrol Info 

If an event default type is configured in the patrol details setting that event type form will open on patrol start.



  • Set a default event type in Patrol Info Setting
  • Start a Patrol
  • Select a Patrol Type
  • The default event type form opens
  • Submit the form
  • Return to the MapView


The start location of the default event will not be editable. 



EarthRanger version 2.3.0