Updated at June 28th, 2023

Patrols are a temporal segmentation, a report documents a subject and reports during a certain period of time. This may include reports, notes, images. 

Some examples of what a Patrols could be: 


  • Documenting animal behavior
  • Documenting investigations
  • Tracking game drives 
  • Planning and documenting work for operations team 
  • Canine training.


In Patrols you can also find Tracked Subjects whose locations will be used by this Patrol for monitoring and analysis. The type of subject tracked is usually a GPS enabled radio, a personal tracker, or a phone equipped with ER Track, which is carried by the team during the patrol. 

Real-time updates from the Tracked Subject are necessary to track the device during the Patrols but are not required for patrol analysis. A subject that has tracked its locations on the device, and uploads them when back in range, is still used for Patrols analysis when configured as a patrol’s Tracked Subject. 


You will be able to see the current Patrols in the Patrols List by clicking on the Side Bar Navigation. 


Here you will be able to find all of the Patrols and their information in preview cards such as: 

Patrols Name

  • When the Patrols are scheduled 
  • Patrols Status  - can be active, scheduled, canceled, complete
  • Time created
  • An option to start the Patrols
  • Follow Patrols’s tracks 
  • Jump to their location  

Once you click on the Patrols card, you will be able to see the preview information of each Patrols.  




Just like Reports, in Patrols you can have different Patrols Types and that will be reflected on the icon of each one. In order to see the information of each Patrols, you can click on the Patrols card and the Patrols Details will appear. 


Currently the layout displayed is based on the Beta version of the New Patrols UI that can be activated in the Menu.