How To Add A New Patrol

Updated at March 23rd, 2023

There are many different ways in which you can add a new Patrols in EarthRanger. 

  1. Add New Patrols located on top of the Patrol list. 
  2. Directly in the Tracked Subject Properties when clicking a subject. 
  3. Quick Add button that appears when clicking on a tracking point on a subject’s track.  
  4. When you drop a pin marker on the map, you can also add Patrols with the Quick Add option. 
  5. When you use the ruler and determine a certain distance in between points, a Quick Add marker will appear as soon as the action is over. 
  6. By clicking on any part of the map with your right-click a Quick Add prompt will let you add new Patrols.  



In any of the previous options the process will be the same, you first select your Patrols Type. This is configured when setting up the site and determines the different possibilities for each Patrols. 



On the display menu on the Patrols lists, you will be able to control how you visualize the Patrols cards. Here you will be able to search, filter by Patrols type or status, or select a range of dates to visualize the Patrols that happened in one specific period of time. 




A Patrols start icon will be displayed showing the starting location of the Patrols. If the start location is not exactly on a GPS location of the tracked device, a dashed line will be shown between the start location and the next track point in time after the start time. 


The Patrols Tracks will be displayed following the GPS coordinates of the tracked subject. The portion of the subject’s track included in the Patrols will show up as a bold line. 


A Patrols End icon will be displayed for Patrols that have been completed. If the end location is not exactly on a GPS location of the tracked device, a dashed line will be shown between the end location and the most recent track point prior to the end time. 


When selecting tracks for an Patrols to be displayed, you can select two options. One will display the normal tracks for the tracked subject. The other will show the Patrols and the current distance covered by that Patrols. Both can be configured on the Tracks View Settings on the top right corner of the Map.