Mobile User Permissions

This article explains the necessary permissions required to use mobile applications, and how users can manage their privacy and security settings.

Updated at September 18th, 2023

To have the best usage of EarthRanger Mobile, some permissions need to be configured to allow users and profiles to best utilize the patrol, reporting and tracking features. The following are the minimum requirements to use the available features in EarthRanger Mobile. 


Note: The process below requires editing system settings in the EarthRanger Admin app.  If you don’t have access or don’t feel comfortable making these changes please contact EarthRanger Support who would be happy to help. 





EarthRanger mobile allows users the ability to start and end a Patrol defined by your sites patrol types. The minimum permission to view the patrols types is required for the logged user of the mobile app:

Can view patrol type

On the admin side, you will be able to control the permission of each user. There are certain permissions sets that are already configured and can be visualized under User Accounts and then on Permissions sets. 


In order for Patrols to work, the designated user will need to have:

  • Can Add Patrol - Allows users the ability to start a Patrol. 
  • Can Change Patrol - Allows users the ability to update a Patrol, e.g. end a Patrol.  


Admin Setup 


Disclaimer: Reports are called Events in Admin



To manage the Permission sets on your site, you will have to do it through EarthRanger Admin. 

Here you will navigate to the User Accounts section and click on the Permission Sets. You will add a new permission set by clicking in the upper right hand corner button. 


Type a Name to name the permissions sets, e.g. Patrol Permissions - Mobile. 


In the Permissions section, add the following permissions, you can look for them in the search bar inside the Permissions section. 

  • Can view patrol type
  • activity | patrol | Can Add Patrol
  • activity | patrol | Can Change Patrol 

To finalize click at the bottom of the page on the Save button. 


Now you can add the Patrol Permissions - Mobile to the users that will be working with the Patrols feature in EarthRanger Mobile. 




EarthRanger Mobile allows users the ability to create and upload Reports with attachments, notes and images. When creating an event category in EarthRanger Admin, the platform automatically creates permission groups for the created category with the following permissions: 

  • Can create [CATEGORY_NAME] events
  • Can delete [CATEGORY_NAME] events
  • Can read [CATEGORY_NAME] events
  • Can update [CATEGORY_NAME] events

EarthRanger Mobile requires “create” permission to allow the mobile user to add Reports related to the event category that is selected. You will have to make sure the users of EarthRanger Mobile are added to this permission set. 


To know more about Report Permissions settings you can visit here