EarthRanger Mobile Version 2.0.0

Discover the improved features of EarthRanger Mobile Version 2.0.0, designed to increase efficiency in natural resource management.

Updated at September 26th, 2023

We are excited to announce the release of EarthRanger Mobile App Version 2.0.0, featuring significant updates that focus on enhancing the user experience, expanding tracking capabilities, and simplifying the switch between user profiles. 

New Features 


EarthRanger version 2.0.0 introduces a new Patrols feature that allows users to be tracked as subjects, thereby enabling them to serve as Patrol leaders or for tracking outside of a Patrol context.

Starting a Patrol in the Map View

Users can now initiate a Patrol directly from the Map View, providing a seamless and intuitive user experience. Upon starting a patrol, the system automatically records the start location and time, capturing precise and accurate data for your patrol logs.


Patrol Track Overlay

The updated Patrols feature allows users to control the visibility of the Patrol tracks overlay. This improvement gives users more flexibility in managing patrol assignments and reviewing patrol paths.


Patrol Type Selection

The new Patrols feature provides an extended UI for easy and accurate patrol type selection. Users can specify the nature of their patrol from a single select list, facilitating a more personalized patrol setup process.


Tracked By and Reported By as Linked Subjects

Unlike previous versions where device names were used, the 'Tracked By' and 'Reported By' fields in the Patrols feature now use the subject linked to the user. This enhancement allows for clearer tracking and reporting, reducing potential confusion and increasing the efficiency of data logging.


Stopping a Patrol

The process of stopping a patrol is now more streamlined. Upon stopping a patrol, the app automatically records the end location and time, providing consistent and reliable patrol data.


Patrol Name

To enhance organization and clarity of patrols, users can now specify a unique patrol name during the creation process. This allows for easy identification and improved organization of patrols.


Start Icon Representation

A new start icon is introduced on the map to visually represent the starting location of a patrol. This visual cue serves as an effective reference point, clearly marking where a user initiated the patrol.


Patrol Details Bottom Sheet View

To improve access to vital patrol data, we've added a Patrol Details Bottom Sheet View. By tapping the start icon, users can access key patrol details such as patrol type, start time, location, and more. This ensures an enhanced user experience during a patrol.



User Profiles

We have added User Profiles to our platform, enabling a seamless transition between associated profiles without logging out. The use of user profiles necessitates the setup of pin authentication for enhanced security and user experience.


Setting up Pin Authentication

A pin authentication system facilitates the switching of user profiles. For the user profiles to function, it's mandatory to set up pin authentication. 

To learn how to set this up visit Profiles


Switching User Profiles in the App

With pin authentication setup, users can switch profiles easily within the app. 

If you want to learn more about login options visit ER Login


Users as Subjects

In EarthRanger 2.0.0, users can now be linked to subjects, facilitating tracking of users as subjects, and allowing users to serve as Patrol Leader and Tracked By subject within the app. 

Every user logging in is automatically linked to a subject. If the subject does not exist, the app will create one based on the user and associate it automatically. 


To learn more about this process visit Migration Guide


Map Improvements

The EarthRanger 2.0.0 version boasts several map enhancements to offer more flexible and customized map navigation experiences. 

Switch Map Coordinates

The new version brings an update to map coordinates, offering users the flexibility to view coordinates in different formats, including DEG (Decimal Degrees), DMS (Degrees, Minutes, Seconds), DDM (Degrees, Decimal Minutes), UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator), and MGRS (Military Grid Reference System).


New App Navigation through Bottom Navigation Buttons

We have refined the app navigation experience through updates to the bottom navigation buttons. This facilitates seamless transitions between different views and functionalities.


New Settings View

The Settings view has undergone a revamp, providing a more user-friendly interface with straightforward controls and options.


New Status View

The updated Status View now offers detailed insights into user activities, displaying relevant information related to tracks, reports, and patrols. This enhancement allows users to efficiently monitor and manage their operations directly from this view.


Other Updates

With the introduction of new features, including user profiles and users as subjects, the need for a device name within the app is eliminated. Users now also serve as historical owners of resources created on mobile and are identified as the reporting user for submitted reports in the app.


We trust that these updates will significantly improve your EarthRanger experience, making tracking and reporting more efficient and user-friendly.