EarthRanger Mobile Version 2.2.3

Discover the latest features and updates of EarthRanger Mobile version 2.2.3, providing users with valuable insights on how to enhance their mobile experience while utilizing the EarthRanger platform.

Updated at January 19th, 2024


Prevent duplicate Patrols from starting 

Before: Users experienced issues where tapping the "Start Patrol" button multiple times on Android resulted in duplicate patrols.

Now: The app now prevents accidental creation of multiple patrols when there's a delay in tapping the "Start Patrol" button.

Prevent duplicate Reports when offline

Before: Reports were being duplicated when users were offline.

Now: Reports are no longer duplicated when users submit them while offline.

Updated "Save Draft" dialog 

Change: When a user taps the back button in an Report Form that has new data, they are presented with a new dialog that matches device native features. The functionality remains the same, but the appearance has been improved for a better user experience.

Persist the start Patrol pin when starting the app when a Patrol active 

Change: If you start a patrol and close the app before ending it, the patrol start icon will now appear on the MapView when you restart the app.

Attribute user-profile history with batch upload of Patrols 

Before: When offline, reports with attachments could have the wrong user associated with them.

Now: The upload history for attachments accurately reflects the user who created or updated the event, even when created offline.


Logging optimizations

Change: We've standardized app logging categories and formatting for sync service workflows, patrol type workflows, and refresh token workflows. This enhances the efficiency and organization of app logs for a smoother user experience.