Troubleshooting - Mobile

Updated at March 10th, 2023

I have tracking points pending and they are not automatically been synchronized.

  1. Make sure you have an active internet connection.
  2. If cellular data is been used, make sure mobile data usage is enabled for EarthRanger Mobile.
  3. The tracking points will be cached locally when offline and the app aggressively tries to upload once an internet connection is re-established. Batching is on the order of 25 when uploading cached tracking points and there is no limit on how many to make the batch attempt.
  1. To initiate a manual sync with EarthRanger server you can navigate to the Menu Status view and swipe down to attempt a sync with the server.
    1. If you get the message “Unable to sync, try again later” and you followed all steps above please contact support via the Report an Issue view and attach the logs to your message.

The map is not loading, I only see a grey background.

  1. Make sure you have an internet connection available. EarthRanger mobile currently does have full support for offline maps. When actively tracking the app caches sections of the map for offline use, but not the entire basemap so when offline if you navigate to an area where the map wasn't cached you could see an empty view. Your tracking points and lines should continue to work whether a map is cached or not while offline.


I don’t see my tracking in the app

  1. Make sure the EarthRanger Mobile has the following permissions in device settings:
  2. Location: Always
  3. Motion & Fitness: On